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Optix Shop

For everyone's safety and following precautionary instructions to prevent corona virus, we stoped all orders temporarily starting on Saturday, March 24, 2020 corresponding to 4 Shaban 1441.

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchases from the website, we are pleased to return the whole value of your purchases within 24 hours of the date of receipt after applying our terms of return and substitution. In the event of your withdrawal of the purchase within 7 days from the date of receipt, we will be pleased to serve you to select the appropriate substitute for your purchases after applying our terms of return and substitution. Please contact us through the following email :  [email protected]  or Call us : 920014035

Terms of Return and Substitution for the Purchases of the Website:

1- Provision of the original purchase invoice,

2- The product must be free of abuse which include scratches and the effects of use of all types and forms,

3- The Contact Lenses box either the colored or the medical shall not be opened. The return and substitution of the Contact Lenses will be accepted in case of having a manufacture defect after opening the Contact Lenses box.

4- The cost of shipment to return the order to us is  FREE .

5- The substitution must be at the same value of the previous purchases or above, and

6- You can substitute a product with more than one product and pay the difference in price, if any.

7 - The Value of  Medical lenses manufactured on glasses can not be returned , but only the value of frame will returned .

8- The Value of Cash on delivery (18.90 SR) can't be returned .